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Joseph Lackey, attorney

Jessica is the lawyer good immigration lawyers talk about as the one they respect. She has argued (and won) in immigration court as well as in Federal Courts of Appeal. People don't know the genius behind the woman when they first step into her office, but they soon find out. You should too!

Scott Levy, attorney

Absolutely one of the most aggressive and knowledgeable Attorneys I know. Jessica is a rockstar!

Laura, former client

Jessica Smith Bobadilla runs a very effective law firm. She specializes in immigration law, and it is very evident from the onset that she does this not for the money, but because she truly has a passion for this line of work. She is extremely knowledgeable, knows exactly how to vet her clients in order to find out the best way to construct a solid case, and knows how to get her side of the work done like a true professional. I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone looking for immigration services.

Elia, client

Jessica has been helping me with a friend's immigration case. She has been extremely helpful and always explaining the difficult process thoroughly. With all the current law changes she has always been very knowledgeable and great at finding alternatives. Currently she was able to help him be granted bail, when a few local attorneys had told us there was no hope.

Jono, former client

Jessica was extremely helpful and successful in bringing my wife and me together, going out of her way to make sure we stayed informed and seemed to be very well connected and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend her!

Silvia, former client

Thank you Jessica, she definitely did everything no other attorney did for us. I admit we had a very hard case and we even thought no one could’ve helped us but she manage to and not only that but helped me bring my daughter with me. She worries about her clients [as if we were] family. Took us some time but definitely worth it. Thank you Jessica and your team.

Maria, former client

Jessica is a GREAT immigration attorney! She does absolutely everything she can do for her clients and is very knowledgeable about law. I always got all my questions and concerns answered in a timely manner. Her staff is very professional as well. Jessica has an extremely kind heart and it's easy to see she loves her job and helping her clients. I would definitely chose her all over again. THANK YOU JESSICA (and your staff) for everything you did for my daughter and I.

Raul Maldonado, former client

Very professional. Jessica and her staff have helped me with my immigration case. Now I'm a U.S citizen and a successful business owner. Thanks

Norma Perez, client

Jessica has helped my dad with his cases for years now and she’s been helping with mine. She [is] absolutely amazing. Really genuine and so easy to speak to. Her staff is always polite and I highly recommend her to represent you.

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