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Our firm serves clients in many states and throughout the world. Our original office is still in Fresno, California in the historic downtown area close to the courts and immigration agencies. We also maintain offices in San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles, California. We have the capacity to meet with and handle cases in other jurisdictions such as New York, Chicago, Denver, Phoenix and Boston.


Due to her practice of 18 years and strong record of success in handling cases, Jessica regularly travels to jurisdictions throughout the United States to assist clients with their immigration needs. Since our firm is global, we can assist with visa and entry requirements to global work and travel destinations such as Canada, the United Kingdom and other countries throughout the world.


Citizenship and nationality in the modern world are fluid concepts. We seek to constantly evolve our practice to meet the needs of a changing world where families and businesses alike are often part of an increasingly interconnected world.


We as a firm pride ourselves in assisting people from all countries of origin, walks of life, language groups and careers. The community surrounding our office in Fresno, California is located blocks away from the area where Jessica’s paternal grandparents made their home after arriving in the United States as refugees following the Armenian Genocide.


Immigration is professional to us but it is also personal. We hope to assist you and your family or business in all areas of immigration law.


We sincerely wish you the best in your immigration process and would appreciate the ability to develop a strong relationship with you.





Jessica Smith Bobadilla

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