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1.   What services does your firm offer? 


Our firm offers a full range of immigration law services.  We are a small, boutique firm with a staff of individuals who seek to be responsive and accurate in the information we provide. 


2.   Where is the firm located?


Our original office is in downtown Fresno, California and was established in 2007.  Other locations are in San Francisco, California and Los Angeles, California.  We also offer appointments in Oakland, California and other locations throughout the United States as available. 



3.   What is the process for scheduling a consultation? 


Please call our office at (559) 264-2500 in Fresno, (415) 398-4444 in San Francisco or

(213) 709-8009 in Los Angeles to schedule a consultation.  Our fee for a consultation is $150.00 and it is credited within 90 days of the consultation to any retainer. 



4.  What are "legal fees"?


Legal fees are flat fees, in other words a set price, in most immigration cases.  The attorney charges a billing rate of $450 per hour as an expert witness in civil and other cases as well as for matters that clients would like expedited.  On the flat fee billing cases, we offer payment plans that can assist many families in paying legal fees.  We do not apply interest charges on accounts, but a late payment fee can be assessed after sixty days if there are missed payments on an account.



5.  I have previously been represented by an attorney, should I obtain their file prior to my consultation? 


The attorney will need to see all paperwork or filings previously attempted or completed by all attorneys or legal consultants you have previously hired or consulted. 


6.  What should I bring to my consultation?


Please bring all documents that pertain to your immigration process or any processes completed or attempted by your parents or other family members.  Bring any other documents you believe to be relevant to your case.  Any criminal history is important. Please bring certified criminal records from the court in the jurisdiction where you were charged or convicted to the consultation if possible.  We can recommend a private investigator who can obtain criminal and traffic records for the case in jurisdictions throughout the United States if you require assistance in collecting these documents.

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